Chain Conveyor

ModelFrre-Flow Chain Conveyor

Free-Flow Chain Conveyor

The free-flow conveyor system is designed to be very versatile and flexible. Constructed from steadily and anoidized aluminium extrusion. The standardised design, is made to last and can be easily fix into existing and mass production line. It is applicable in the below industires :-


  • TV assembly line
  • Computer assembly line
  • Audio & video assembly line
  • Printer assembly line
  • Air-conditioner assembly line
  • Micro wave assembly line
ModelPalletised Conveyor

Palletised Chain Driven Conveyor

Palletised chain conveyors are heavy unit load conveyor systems that have the durability and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications and industries. Whether application for transport,stop and accumulate, reorientate or stage loads.

ModelTable Top Chain Conv

Table Top/ Slat Chain Conveyor

The table top chain conveyor is mainly used in conveyor material in bottle and can. It is designed in either stainless steel or mild steel structure. The table top chain thermoplastic and SUS chain is mainly used in food industry. The accumulation and speed acceleration function is made standard and further enhanced by side guide. PLC control & etc; for better conveying flow of material.

ModelMI Conveyor

Manual Insert Chain Conveyor (SMT)

The Manual Insert Chain conveyor is used to convey PCB's before wave soldering machine.The operator will sit in front sides and insert the through-hole components, capacitors, resistors etc, into the PCB. The conveyor come with flexible adjustable width according to PCB's required width.