Customised Projects


OEM/ODM Product

Corporated as OEM to world leading company for laser marking machine manufacturer and In-Line Circuit Tester unit.

ModelHi-Speed Lifter

Hi-Speed Lifter/Goods Lifter

Kinetron designed various types of lifter for different market needs. They are air lifter, high speed lifter, compact lifter and etc. Each of this lifter is commensurate with different type of transfer available for selection; such as ywin belt, pulse roller & PVC chain transfer. It is used mainly to convey product at different floor/ height level vertically and is applicable in many fields includes TV, computer, handphone and electronic assembly line.

ModelTelescopic Conveyor

Telescopic Gate Conveyor

it is extendable & retrectable conveyor. It is hand adjustable to suit existing requirements without the need of any special tools. It is ideally used for loading/ unloading areas where space is limited, also cab be use for passage way for operator. It is labour effective as for no extra workforce is needed.

ModelRoller Bed Conveyor

Roller Bed Belt Conveyor

The roller bed belt conveyor is widely used in most of the industries. This model is applied in the assembly line, packaging sections, inspection and inter-department transference. The roller bed design reduces belt friction and provided greater capacity. Both the horizontal and inclined model are available for selection, in order to suit the different market conditions.


Inspection Machine

Customised Inspection Machine


Press Machine

Customised Press Machine


Jig & Fixtures

Customised Inspection/Assembly Jig & Fixtures